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So the first question is the one that everyone asks: What’s actually in Fusion? Is it just talent-management applications or is it a full,core system with HR benefits and payroll that could replace a full HRMS from, say, SAP, Ultimate Software, PeopleSoft, ADP, Oracle or anybody?

Alarcon: Actually, the first question we get before “What’s in it?” is, “What is it?” So before I get into what’s in it, let me tell you about what it is.

We spent a lot of time thinking about Fusion and, for those of you who remember when [Oracle acquired] PeopleSoft, Fusion was announced right after that. And a lot of the focus was on, what could we do with our existing products, how good were they, where could we go next?

We decided we really wanted to think about not just the key differentiators of those products, but also, how do we innovate, what’s new and how do we really rethink the HR processes? We also took a step back and said, where do we think the world of HR is going?

So a lot has changed from when we first were releasing the ERP products over time and some of the things we really wanted to focus on were things like “user-centricity” — not just being about the pretty screens, but really thinking about what it takes to build a good user experience. How do I help someone who is a more casual user versus someone who is a more specialized user? And especially, how do I think about it when I’m talking about a formal process versus an informal process?

We then got into things around information. How do you drive information and how do I present the right information at the right time to help you make a better decision? And that information could be information coming from the system or it could be reaching out and trying to collaborate with somebody else. How do I make sure that collaboration becomes part of the application, not an add-on to the application?

And we went far enough to build a specific solution around that. And then, finally, when all that got thought through we had to think about, well, once we build this wonderful thing, how are people going to take it?

So with all of that going on, let me tell you a little bit about what Fusion actually is: It is a complete suite. On the system-of-record side, we have global HR, global payroll and benefits, and we have some new products. One’s called Workforce Predictions, and the other is Workforce Lifecycle Manager. And then there are some new products as well, including Talent Review.

via Human Resource Executive Online – Fusion Unveiled.

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