By default, the Top Ten List appears on the right half side of the FNDSCSGN form.  You can access this list by first clicking on the toolbar ‘Special’ button and then clicking on the Top Ten List on the popup.
You may want to access the table and perhaps update the columns for the Top Ten List.
You can obtain information using the Oracle user name:

select fnd_RESPONSIBILITY.RESPONSIBILITY_NAME,function1,        function2,function3,function4,function5,        function6,function7,function8,function9,function10        from fnd_user_RESPONSIBILITY,fnd_RESPONSIBILITY,fnd_user        where fnd_user.user_name ='SPUROHIT'        and fnd_user_RESPONSIBILITY.responsibility_id =        fnd_RESPONSIBILITY.responsibility_id        and fnd_RESPONSIBILITY.application_id =        fnd_user_RESPONSIBILITY.application_id        and fnd_user_RESPONSIBILITY.user_id = fnd_user.user_id;

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