After the Supplier or Supplier Site is validated and a rows entered in the various AP and HZ tables, a Payee is created in IBY (the new Payments application) for the Supplier or Supplier Site.

If the Payee is successfully created, we then check to see if there are any corresponding rows in
IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS. If there are, we call an IBY API to create the Bank Account and associate it with the Payee.

So to import supplier bank accounts during Supplier and Supplier Site Open Interface, you can populate the IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS table.

A row in IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS is said to be associated with the Supplier or Supplier Site if the column IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS.calling_app_unique_ref1 is equal to either AP_SUPPLIERS_INT.vendor_interface_id for Suppliers or  IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS.calling_app_unique_ref2 is equal to AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT.vendor_site_interface_id for Supplier Sites.

The bank and bank branch referenced in IBY_TEMP_EXT_BANK_ACCTS must already exist in the system.  There is no functionality in the Bank Account Import to create the bank and/or bank branch. This functionality associates the new supplier to an existing bank and/or bank branch.

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