How to delete the saved schedules, which were saved from the ‘Schedules’ tab of the ‘Submit Request’ window.
There is no standard functionality to delete any saved schedule.

The saved schedules are being stored in the table fnd_conc_release_classes_vl.
Select release_class_id, application_id, release_class_name schedule_name,
description, class_type schedule_type
from fnd_conc_release_classes_vl
where owner_req_id is null
and enabled_flag != ‘N’
and nvl(start_date_active,sysdate) <= sysdate
and nvl(end_date_active, sysdate) >= sysdate
order by release_class_name

If you want to delete any saved schedule from the LOV, then you can perform any of the following:
Delete the row from the table FND_CONC_RELEASE_CLASSES_VL for the saved schedule.
It will be better to update the ENABLED_FLAG = ‘N’ for the saved schedule instead of deleting the row from the table FND_CONC_RELEASE_CLASSES_VL.

thanks – shivmohan

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