Like to inform all followers of blog , that we are adding a great functional expert in our panel. He will be answering all your functional queries ( i.e. in Functional and Supply Chain Modules ) through Email and also in case your need any more help through other communication channels like IM, Gtalk, Skype , Audio or Video Meetings etc.

Moreover we are looking Expert in other areas of Oracle ERP. In case you know any epxert who can help , please refer.

Will post more once we have Our new Expert ready to publish his artilces and publish his contacts.

thanks – Shiv

3 thoughts

  1. That would be very nice Shiv. Actually was looking forward to know the pre-requisites for becoming a functional consultant and the path for becoming a functional consultant in Supply Chain area. Currently work as a technical function and call myself as Techo-functional as we know the order flow. Pls advise.



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