Here sharing recent communication on options to implement oracle Apps, i like you all to share you thoughts on this below scenario

I need the list of points or concerns  we need to take care of at the time of migration from 11.5.9 to

Also I am in need information for M&A (merger and acquisition) perspective.
Say Company A acquires Company B. Company A is on and Company B is on 11.5.9
Now A wants to get B on the same instance ( as a separate operating unit. In this case what are the areas we need to concentrate on.
e.g. Common Item Master, Customer base.., B’s interfaces with some 3rd party system, Transaction between A and B…… etc

It would be very great if you could help me with this information …


Here if we consider this M&A , where Company A on 11.10 is target/ parent and company B is on 11.9 as legacy / secondary.

This case is like adding new operating unit in 11.10 for Company A , where it has advantage that Company B is already on Oracle with a lower version. Now here I think few thought to start with
GL Chart Of Accounts – This need to review the COA structure between A and B , having more different will make things more complex , having same will be great benefit. COA structure will drive the complexity of whole exerercise.
SOB and MRC – need to review the kind of SOB and MRC setup in both A & B , this will drive the kind of impact it will have and complexity of whole exercise.

As point 1 and 2 will form the foundation for merging B in A , and will outline the base architecture for remaining transaction and mater data to move in Company A.
Supplier/ Party / Customer / Employee/ Item / Inventory – all these master data need to review for company B and see if it duplicating or it need some mapping/ merging / cleaning or translation etc ,
GL transaction / GL history / GL Balance – this need to bring in A , this will depend on GL COA and GL SOB structure changes happened from B to A
AP ( open Invoice, payment history ) – this will business decision if they like to bring , the strong advice is to close all open invoice and keep history transaction in kind of archinve database for Company B till legally it require, This need to review if these are really require to bring in Company A where they may or may not useful.
AR ( Transaction , receipts  , history etc ) – This is recommended to bring in A , because this is surely impact the cash flow and allow lot of benefit to make future analysis and drive cash operations. Company A having any kind of Datawahrehouse , then I would recommend to bring all AP and AR transaction and history there directly rather bringing them in Apps and then send to DWH.
For fixed assets – I don’t see it could be much issue, all assets need to bring in A , and surely this can be manually if they are less in volume or  in automated way if large enough.

Another aspect to look for is Third party integration, Customization , Extension, Custom Reporting – As company B is moving to higher version so it need to consider as upgrade for them , from that point of view, you need to review if any changes needed in integration, or enhance/decommission customization, any more reports or less report need to migrate from B to A.

All above thoughts are surely very high level and brief , based on complete study , it will be more than 200 action items or more will outline only for fianancials to bring from Company  B to A , so it is very much driven from GL Structure between B and A and IT strategy of organization.

Thanks – Please share you thoughts to help in outline better approach

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  1. This seems to be a case where either you need to upgrade 11.9 to 11.10.
    I have already done a module wise analysis of the upgrades/differences for all 12.1 12 11.5.10 11.5.9 11.5.8 11.5.7
    basically the deltas for all modules.


  2. Thanks for a wonderful analysis,

    Mr Shivmohan , I have a case where in i am in search of the best solution for that , please help me out , as the issue what i am having can become a great case study if i am not wrong , please reply with ur concern to address this issue ,

    Thanks and regards,
    Sunil Dutt.S


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