Sharing my passion about soccer world cup and sharing this great presentation… enjoy and cheers

5 thoughts

  1. Hi I love your presentation amazing pic I hope I’m replying to the right soccer world cup who you going to be serporting I’m just so happy for southafrica I think they needed this some thing big like this to happen in southafrica I love all the teams my first team would be bafanabafana and england I just wish they would be more soccer balls and soccer things in every town esp sedgefield to welcome all the soccer players and to reminde people about that yes southafricans the world cup is in our country I’m so happy that it is if I was left to decorate about the soccer I woould of had so many soccer balls and flags of all the countrys there are flags yes but why the flags they should of had more big soccer balls and decorated every town a littel more decorations make it look excitting happy peace love for our country showing them how much we love soccer


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