I personally find these very useful and informative, I am sure will give a good information to you as well. These are webinars so do use your HEadPhone to listen commentary

SlideShare webinar – How to do Hiring

Webinar – How to Build teams

Webinar – How to develop Organization Culture

One thought

  1. Shivmohan,
    Thanks for including our webinars in your blog. It always feels good when someone gets value from something you created.

    We believe we’re only at our best when we’re in an environment that fits us so we’ve created an app that enables teams to identify the personal attributes that contribute to a team’s success so that you can better manage and make better hires.

    If you’d like to give it a shot with your team please contact me [brent – at – roundpegg]. We’re looking for feedback.

    Thanks again and I’ve really enjoyed the other slideshares you’ve posted as well. The tortoise and the hare story is a great one. I’m a big fan of internal cooperation as opposed to competition.

    Take care.


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