You can configure Expense Report Number  like customize the format of the expense report number to include such things as employee ids and the date an expense report was submitted.
To acheive this, You create custom expense report numbers by modifying the plsql function


If you do not implement this function, Internet Expenses uses the current numbering sequence.

The AP_WEB_OA_CUSTOM_PKG.GetNewExpenseReportInvoice function is located in the directory $AP_TOP/patch/115/sql/apwcstmb.pls.

The input parameters passed for this function are:
p_employeeId – IN ap_expense_report_headers.employee_id%TYPE
p_userId – IN fnd_user.user_id%TYPE
p_reportHeaderId – IN ap_expense_report_headers.report_header_id%TYPE

The returned value is the new expense report number.

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