When using certain responsibilities the ‘Close Other Forms’ option in the Navigator window, ‘Tools’ menu is protected against an update.


The function ‘Navigator: Disable Multiform’ needs to be included in menu exclusions of the given responsibility. As System Administrator:

  • Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Define.
  • Query the responsibility in which you want to allow to control the Close Other Forms option.
  • In the Menu Exclusions, enter a function Name: Navigator: Disable Multiform
  • Save changes.

The values are stored in FND_USER_PREFERENCES table by user. To see whether the checkbox is checked or not:

select * from fnd_user_preferences
where preference_name = ‘NEW_WINDOW_FLAG’

‘N’ means defaults to checked, ‘R’ means defaults to not-checked. We have had some inconsistencies with this checkbox. You would un-check it and exit the applications, and the next time when you log in, it’s checked again.

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