How To Prevent Changing Or Deleting Of An Attachment?

  • How to disable the ‘May be Changed’ functionality?

The ‘May Be Changed’ flag is not updateable unless you add the Attachment as a Standard document.
When adding the Attachment (Paper Clip icon)
  – click on the Document Catalog button.
  – Select the Standard Document from the LOV in the Category field.
The ‘May Be Changed’ flag will be unchecked and Users will not be able to update the Attachment.


  • How to make sure that an Attachment cannot be deleted?

Please try this in Attachment Functions screen to disable ‘delete’ for attachments:
– Using Application Developer Responsibility
   Navigate to Attachments > Attachment Functions.
– Query on ‘Name’ field with your form name
– Click on Block button.
– Click on Block Name field and then click on Entities Button.
– For your Entity in Privileges Tab

Query is set to Always
Insert is set to Always
Update is set to Never
Delete is set to Never

– Save this record.
– Now Navigate to your Form and create new attachment.
  A message might appear ‘Record must be committed before adding the attachments.’
  Press Yes Button.

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