1.Navigate to the Form which is having the LOV Item

2.Open the Personalization form from the pull down menu Help => Diagnostics => Custom Code =>    Personalize.

3. Implement the following Personalization rule :

You can use FORMS_DDL Builtin Type of the action Builtin:

Seq: 10
Description: Update Database Column
      Trigger Event: <Select a appropriate trigger name>
      Trigger Object: <Select the name of the appropriate object >
       Condition: <condition when the database column will be updated>
       Processing Mode: Both
       Level: Site
       Value: Null

Seq: 10
Type : Builtin
Builtin Type : FORMS_DDL
Argument :
       Insert Into <table_name>(<column_name>) values(‘||  (:<block_name><item_name_1> +
                   :<block_name><item_name_2>) ||’);

4.Save the personalization rule.

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