Oracle workflow – How To Get Workflow Definition Stored In The DB? Let’s say to download workflow definition file for : FA Account Generator

To get the definition you have 3 options:

1. Connect to the instance via The Oracle Workflowbuilder Client
From the menu bar, choose File/Open
Downloading from the database:
· Click on Database
· Enter the following:
User GWYUID, eg apps
Password FNDNAM, eg.apps
Effective You can leave this null.

Then save the file on your desktop via File/Save As and upload it via Metalink

2. Log on to the system Administrator responsibility
Navigate to Concurrent Requests and submit the Workflow Definitions Loader with the following parameters:
Mode: Download
File: <directory path on the server><filename.wft>
e.g. /user/tmp/fa_accounts.wft
Item Type: FA Account Generator

ftp the wft file to your desktop

3. On the server in Unix go to $FND_TOP/bin, ie cd $FND_TOP/BIN
The download command to enter then at the OS prompt is as follows:

WFLOAD apps/<apps pwd> 0 Y DOWNLOAD <filename>.wft ITEMTYPE
WFLOAD -u apps/apps 0 Y DOWNLOAD /usr/tmp/fa_accounts.wft FAFLEXWF

ftp the wft file to your desktop and

image described in text

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