How can users request a password reset?

From the applications login page, accessing link Forgot your password.

How does the Forgot your Password functionality work?

a. A user access the apps lo gin page.

b. Select TIP Forgot your password? link.

c. A web page asks for the user name

d. A new web page says:

Your request for a new password is being processed.

An email has been sent to the email address on file. Contact the system administrator if you do not receive your password within the next few hours.

e. A workflow process is started. UMXUPWD is the item type

f. Requester receives an workflow e-mail which subject is ‘Password reset requires approval.’ Its message internal name is MSG_APPROVE_PASSWORDRESET.

g. The requester needs to respond the notification via e-mail. This means the notification look and feel should display links to Approve or Reject. This notification has set a timeout, the user should respond to the notification before that timeout. Otherwise, the reset password is terminated, not resetting the password.

The notification has a message like this:

The notification also has links to respond Approving or Rejecting the password reset request.

h. The workflow java mailer receives, reads and process the response.

i. The User management workflow process changes the password to a automatically generated password and sends back an e-mail notification informing the new password.

j. The users can now use the new password to access the EBS.

k. The EBS requires the user to set his password again.

How to implement the Forgot Password Reset Functionality?In order to enable this functionality please perform this setup:

a. Set ‘Local Login Mask’ profile option at site level to include the Forgot Password

URL in the login page. For the Login page to display this link the profile option

should include value FORGOT_PASSWORD_URL = 08. All the options you can set for the

login page are:








Example, set the Local Login Mask to 40 to display the Forgot Password link and the

language images in the login page (08 + 32). Bounce the apache server to pick up the changes.

Other important things to consider are:

Workflow Java Mailer must be configured and running for both OUTBOUND and INBOUND functionalities.

The user requesting the password reset needs to have notification preference set to a value that allows workflow to send him notifications.

What is the workflow process that resets the user application password?

Reset Password, internal item type is UMXUPWD. This process enables the ability for re-setting application passwords

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