Here are questions asked by One of the reader, Please share your thought, I am sure these are fundamental question and we should be aware these as well many such questions clearly. do share your answers

1. Difference b/w oracle developer & oracle application user.

–Oracle Developer — It is a person/ role where one work on Technical side of ORacle application to make it fit/ available for business use. Many a times Oracle Application doesn’t fulfil all business needs , so to make application enhanced/extend , we need someone with technical know-how about tools and application. That we call Oracle Developer

Oracle Application User – this is a person/ role where one work on Application/ Business side of Oracle Applications. These are one who work as part of business itself and perform role related to business using Oracle application. Examples Customer Service Department people, Accounting Department, Fianance, Procurement Department, HR department.
2. What is the meaning of oracle applications ?

Oracle Application is a collection of modular set of feature/functioality delivery in integrated way to perform regular/generic business function.  ( do add more on this !!! )
3. Oracle -9i is oracle applcation or version?

9i is a Database Version and sometime referred with Oracle technical products other than database as well i.e. reports etc.
4. What is oracle forms?

Oracle Forms is Graphical User Interface which allow / facilitate business users to interact with applications.

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