Reduce the Cost of Compliance Reporting and Database Monitoring
Oracle Audit Vault, part of Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of database security solutions, reduces the cost and complexity of compliance and the risk of insider threats by automating the collection and consolidation of audit data. It provides a secure and highly scalable audit warehouse, enabling simplified reporting, analysis, and threat detection on audit data. In addition, database audit settings are centrally managed and monitored from within Audit Vault, reducing IT security cost. With Oracle Audit Vault, organizations are in a much better position to enforce privacy policies, guard against insider threats, and address regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI.

  • Simplify compliance reporting—Easily analyze audit data and take action in a timely fashion with out-of-the-box reports or custom reporting via the industry’s only open warehouse schema for audit information
  • Detect threats quickly—Quickly and automatically detect unauthorized activities that violate security and governance policies; thwart perpetrators from covering their tracks
  • Lower IT costs with audit policies—Centrally manage audit settings across all databases from a single console
  • Transparently collect and consolidate audit data—Collect audit data in a timely fashion across disparate systems
  • Provide a secure and scalable repository—Leverage Oracle’s industry-leading security and data warehousing technology to provide a secure and scalable audit warehouse

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