Expense reports will fail is the manager does not have approval authority for a particular cost center, or an appropriate approval level for the cost center of the employee submitting the expense report. The query to show the employee approval limits are as follows:

SELECT b.full_name, a.cost_center, a.org_id, c.NAME org_name, a.signing_limit
FROM ap_web_signing_limits_all a,
per_all_people_f b,
hr_organization_units c
WHERE a.employee_id = b.person_id
AND a.org_id = c.organization_id
AND b.effective_start_date = (SELECT MAX (effective_start_date)
FROM apps.per_all_people_f
WHERE person_id = b.person_id)
AND a.document_type = ‘APEXP’

The navigation to check/update the approval limits for an expense report of an employee is as follows:

Payables Manager -> Employees -> Signing Limits

3 thoughts

  1. Lets say If I am submitting Expense of Rs 5000 and immediate Manager Approval limit is Rs 8000 and My Director Approval Limit is Rs 10,000. So, in my case my expense should not go to my immediate manager rather it should goto my Director. How can I achieve this in the SQL Query. I have 4 level of Approval Hierarchy i.e, My Manager, Director, VP & CEO.
    So based on the Approval limit it should go to the concern guy rather than directly to my manager.

    I need it urgently.

    Appreciate your reply in a sample query.



  2. do you know how to setup the approval routing in iExpense (not AME) when creating and submitting an expense 2 supervisors and an expense person needs to approve, how come?


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