Why is CMMI Mentioning Innovation?

As you know, CMMI is a model built on industry best practices. While designing of the model; the authors have studied several successful, ‘high maturity’ companies as well as hundreds of others. One of the key differentiators of all companies was their ability to innovate as well as put these innovations to practical use. They observed that it is not only sufficient to innovate a product or a service or a process, Better companies have a definitive ability to commercially benefit by using those innovations. Thus, the model has adopted Organization Innovation and Deployment as a process area.

Defining Innovation: Organizational innovation refers to new ways work can be organized, and accomplished within an organization to encourage and promote competitive advantage. It encompasses how organizations and individuals specifically, manage work processes in such areas like customer relationships, employee performance and retention, and knowledge management.

At the core of organizational innovation is the need to improve or change a product, process or service. All innovation revolves around change – but not all change is innovative. Organizational innovation encourages individuals to think independently and creatively in applying personal knowledge to organizational challenges. Therefore, organizational innovation requires a culture of innovation that supports new ideas, processes and generally new ways of “doing business”.

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