This was a thought which regularly come across me, Based on my knowledge, There is only USER GROUP exists for Oracle & its related area, AIOUG ( all india oracle user group )

I am thinking to start a Local User Group , as i am in Pune so sort of “Pune Oracle User Group” or “Oracle Group – Pune” or “Oracle Group – Mumbai Pune”

There purpose and objective of this initiative is more or less same as it with any other groups. We will have platform to grow our community, Share relevant knowledge and provide education among peers.

In case if you are working in and around pune or Mumbai and echo with my thoughts then i am sure we got the team to start with. Do share and let’s take this forward.

Few things which definitely not having in my mind, Creating a separate group etc, i will take this initiative to crate a local platform and align it with other regional and international community.

Thanks – Shiv

6 thoughts

  1. With a big population of Oracle professionals in Pune, I think it is time that an user group is formed. Check out the OAUG website how to form a GEO (geographical user group). Of course, you can also reach out to India GEO group and become affiliated to them too.


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