ACCEPT – Get input from the user

DEFINE – Declare a variable (short: DEF)

DESCRIBE – Lists the attributes of tables and other objects (short: DESC)

EDIT – Places you in an editor so you can edit a SQL command (short: ED)

EXIT or QUIT – Disconnect from the database and terminate SQL*Plus

GET – Retrieves a SQL file and places it into the SQL buffer

HOST – Issue an operating system command (short: !)

LIST – Displays the last command executed/ command in the SQL buffer (short: L)

PROMPT – Display a text string on the screen. Eg prompt Hello World!!!

RUN – List and Run the command stored in the SQL buffer (short: /)

SAVE – Saves command in the SQL buffer to a file. Eg “save x” will create a script file called x.sql

SET – Modify the SQL*Plus environment eg. SET PAGESIZE 23

SHOW – Show environment settings (short: SHO). Eg SHOW ALL, SHO PAGESIZE etc.

SPOOL – Send output to a file. Eg “spool x” will save STDOUT to a file called x.lst

START – Run a SQL script file (short: @)

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