Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Seminar /Workshop – 6th February 2010

This weekend i got an opportunity to join a NLP and HUNA Methodology Seminar cum workshop as part of 4th International Convention of PMP Pune Chapter. This has been an thrilling experience. This program was started with regular talk around NLP and its benefit but the real stuff started once speakers started showing the real stuff and benefits out of it. I really like Mr. Kaki Derbary and Mr. Vikash Dixit, Umesh Soman and S Ganesh’s explanation around NLP and concepts.

Later half was much more impactful as it covered practical implementation of HUNA mehtods to find the “SECRET” 🙂 . I would like to remind on 14th FEB, there is final days with “International convention” at Le Meridian Hotel, pune.

The workshop was based on NLP techniques and the thrust will be on practical aspects.  Special features of these techniques are that they
– Align thinking and behavior patterns to meet goals and objectives in a seamless manner.
– Help to achieve a wide variety of outcomes such as motivation, creativity, emotional management, new
skill development, team synergy, health, belief change and more.
– Acknowledge uniqueness of individuals and change behaviors in ways most appropriate to them.
– Cause changes without stress. Within a relatively short period this person can start experiencing
personal power and euphoria.
1) Knowing how does our mind work and how we can use it to enhance our life.
2) Knowing what do we exactly want from life?
3) Learning most ancient as well as most modern methodologies and techniques for using power of
4) Actually putting those techniques to use and preparing our mind for achieving successes in various
areas of our life.
5) Understanding how we can easily realize our enormous inherent potential without exerting or working
6) Learning how we can live a life that is-
− Successful and yet stress free.
− Ambitious and yet confidant.
− Multifarious and yet effective.
− Active and yet efficient.
− Abundant, happy & peaceful.
− Balanced and fulfilling.

I have learned some good concepts and looking forward to join regular monthly seminars of PMP Pune chapter and NLP groups to gain more insight in these techniques.

thanks – Shiv

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