Hey Friends,

I just posted a PDF version of Hire To Retire process diagram at  Logicwala. Go grab your copy Here.

The Hire-to-retire process below mentions some of the major pieces in the puzzle that will help you understand how an HR system integrates to do various operations and what important processes are part of the HR suite of applications.

also, let me know if i missed something, and will amend it for u.

Hope this helps!

9 thoughts

  1. Can you re-post this Hire to Retire Process Diagram (PDF) please? Or send it across to the shared email address? It would defnitely help as a reference doc -Thanks


  2. This is excellent. I am just beginning an initiative to identify all the sub processes in the Hire-to-Retire process and this was very useful. The one thing I think you should add is Time & Attendance. It should be included under self service and as a part of the Time-Off process. This is a big part of the process that is often overlooked. Otherwise it looks great. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nice One,

    Quite a bit of work put in there – Nice of you to share. It is hard or near impossible to define a standard work flow behind all HCM processes.

    Good effort made to maintain as much clarity as possible behind the actual process.

    Well done and Thank you.


  4. This is great gentleman.. I was looking out for something like this.

    Thanks a lot for this posting.

    Can you share more information related to this process and its integration with other products


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