Dear Friends,

 Here is a sample video from our Oracle HRMS Training program. 

The Oracle Apps HRMS Training DVD is a set of 3 DVDs with hours of Oracle Training videos. The Training DVD covers modules HR (core), Payroll, Benefits, introduction to OAB, OLM, OTL, iRec etc. Its a technofunctional training on Oracle Apps HCM modules. Each chapter starts with a functional background, process requirements and data flow, business understanding of the concepts, and then deals with Oracle setups, technical details, table structure etc.

If you think this video makes sense and it helped you learn something, you can give yourself a chance to learn the whole Oracle HRMS suite of applications in just few days. If you are interested, you can buy the training DVD online at

Please let us know you views about this program and if you have any questions, send them to , or here: or comment on this post here. Thank you.

Also, We are planning to start a 7 days training program soon with the following topics: Core HRMS Implementation, Module Study: Payroll, SSHR, Benefits & OAB; Introduction of iRecruitment, CWB, OLM and OTL. If you are interested in this 7 days training, the fee for US based students will be 50$ per hour for individual courses, or 999$ for the full 7d*3hr program.

11 thoughts

  1. I am looking for an onlime HRMS R12 training Functional/Technical.

    I will be available for training on Monday to Thursday from 7:00PM (INDIA Timing) OR on Fridays & Saturdays any time morning / afternoon.

    Kindly arrange to provide me with the required training or provide me with your recommednation of a good trainer.



  2. To: Logicwala

    Thanks for this DVD. Its really helpful in understanding the Oracle HRMS and related tools. It answered many of my long pending questions on HR Functional side.

    just wish you should have also covered Payroll in full details. Do you have another training only about complete oracle payroll training?


  3. Dear Logicwala/Tim Casada
    Thanks for the help, now i can see the details after running the request as suggested by you.
    Thanks once again.


  4. Dear Logicwala/Tim Casada
    Thanks for your updates.
    I am using R12, Can you please let me know which concurrent request to run.


    1. For R12 it should not need you to run anything, but still, if you do not see any employees then run the “Refresh Employee directory” program. Go to Security –> Requests and attach the program to your request group. Then run the program in Full load mode. Hope this helps.


  5. Suhas,
    well, if you are running on 11i, you’ll have to run a process called “Refresh Employee Directory” that will populate all the employee directory tables and then you’ll be able to see the data on Edir.
    You can run the process in full or incremental mode.
    hope this helps.


  6. Dear,
    I have added the Employee Directory in the Employee Self Service but when i am not able to found any results, when i click the search. Shall i need to do something else.


    1. Run the concurrent program “Refresh Employee Directory”. I don’t believe its in any of the request groups, so you’ll have to add it first.


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