1. Take RISKS in LIFE!!!
    • “ Even SPIEDER MAN needs to take the risk, we are just HUMAN BEING.”
    • “ To be ENTREPRENEUR, one DON’T need to invent anything new, just do things differently.”
  2. Focus on 3S’s
    • “ Sales, Services and Supports are three pillars of a SUCCESSFUL Business.”

    Sales Services Supports

  3. Partners Vs. Employees
    • “ Treat Everyone with respect and have more partners in a company than more number of employees.”
    • “ New partner/employee should bring NEW STRENGTH in the company.”

    New begets New

    • “ It is always better to spent ENERGY in involving more people in your cause than fighting with others.”

    Involve Others!!

  4. Learn from Clients…
    • “ Don’t SELL to client what you have, ARRANGE everything what client needs.”
    • “ Never LOSE hope. Continue to struggle, there will be lots of SMALL Gains & BIG Losses on the path, but DON’T miss the target..”

    Never Ever Give UP!!!

  5. Winning is EVERYTHING..
    • “ Winning is not something but it is EVERYTHING. The History only remembers the WINNER not the RUNNER UP.”

When you get promotion, you would get subordinates in your team to generate Business lead. At that point of time bcoz of previous experience you would lead them in more better manner and nobody would cheat you.

The movie states, “Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, main toh phir bhi Salesman hoon” (Even Spiderman has to take risk, I am just a Salesman)

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