Few steps about complete Order to cash flow in Oracle Order Management.

* Create Order – Book It

* Go to 'Release Sales Order'

o Set the Required fields as shown below

o Order = Unreleased

o Order Number = Enter Order #

o Clear Schedule Ship dates and Requested Dates

o Go to Inventoty Tab and Enter Warehouse , based on your setup it will pull all the information

o Press Concurrent Button

* Go To “Shipping transaction form”

o Enter Order Number, Press Find

o Makes sure Line status = Staged/Pick Confirmed

o Go to Delivery tab and Press “Ship Confirm'

o Note Down Deliver #

o Press Ok


* Above step submit the concurrent programs, wait for Concurrent Program “Interface Trip Stop” to complete

* Goto Sales Order and Check Line Status ,It should be “Shipped”.

* Go to View > request . Submit Concurrent Program “Workflow background Process”

o with Item Type = OM Order Line

o Process Deferred = Yes

o Process Timeout = No.

* Query Order line again , Staus Sould be “Closed”

* System will Trigger the AutoInvoice concurrent Program OR you have to Manually submit it

* Goto Transaction (Receivable)

o Go to Find Window

o Enter Sales Order # in Sales Order Number Field

o Press Find

* System should dispaly your Invoice

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