Initialize Apps


To run or execute the Oracle API from the back-end, we need to Initialize the Apps first.

We have API to Initialize the Apps.

To initialize apps using the API, we need to pass few IN parameter values.

The following is the script prepared to initialize apps based on the

Application, User-name and Responsibility name given.



l_appl_id NUMBER;

l_appl_name VARCHAR2 (100) := 'PA';

l_user_id NUMBER;

l_user_name VARCHAR2 (100) := 'OPERATIONS';

l_responsibility_id NUMBER;

l_resp_name VARCHAR2 (200)

:= 'Projects, Vision Operations (USA)';


— To get the Application ID of given Application.

SELECT application_id

INTO l_appl_id

FROM fnd_application

WHERE application_short_name = l_appl_name;

— To get the User ID information of given user

SELECT user_id

INTO l_user_id

FROM fnd_user

WHERE user_name = l_user_name;

— To get the Resp ID information of the given responsibility.

SELECT responsibility_id

INTO l_responsibility_id

FROM fnd_responsibility_tl

WHERE responsibility_name = l_resp_name AND application_id = l_appl_id;

–Initialixze the Application to use the API.

fnd_global.apps_initialize (l_user_id, l_responsibility_id, l_appl_id);


I Hope the above script would help understanding about the Initializing the Apps API.

via Oracle Apps Training: Initialize Apps.

4 thoughts

  1. TO RADHE:– I am totally agree with ur point, actually after seeing this site, i was totally confused, what he what to say by posted this blog.. simple thing bt in very lenghty manner…disgusting approach….


  2. after 10g upgrade..

    when once apps intialization is done and then when we try to reintialize the same then we get an error..
    why so?


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