HTML Option for My Oracle Support Now Available

For those customers and partners who need to access My Oracle Support in a non-Flash Player environment, an HTML option is now available. Accessible from the My Oracle Support login page, the HTML option includes a subset of functionality available on My Oracle Support. It includes:

  • SR management, including create and update SR, attachments, and configuration association
  • Browse and search the knowledgebase
  • Patch search and download
  • My Oracle Support Communities
  • Certifications and Product Roadmap
  • Favorites
  • User administration
  • Hot Topics
  • Bug Summary
  • Service Request Management Reports

The HTML option does not include the following functionality, which is only available in the Flash version of My Oracle Support:

  • Systems
  • Projects
  • Healthchecks
  • Patch Advice & Recommendations
  • Inventory Reporting
  • OnDemand Portal, Service Request and RFC Functionality
  • CRM OnDemand Service Requests & Knowledge

The same data is presented in both interfaces, including your Favorites. If your browser does not have the Flash player plug-in installed, if it is below the minimum version, or if you have Flash player blocked the “Sign In” button will be grayed out. Look for the HTML option login link on the right side of the login page.


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