Are you struggling to land an Interview with a MNC and don’t know the reason why you don’t get a call?

Many a times we have all the skills required for a particular job but we are still not able to get the interview call. The reason? It could be your resume.

Seriously – when you goto buy anything to the supermarket, lets take an example of a Perfume – what do you look for? Which item will you pick up first?  the one with best packaging.

All of the perfumes have different fragrances. Some of them you don’t like. But then there are a few that matches your taste. You like them. After that, before you even ask the price what is it that you like? The bottle. Exactly -the Packaging.

And that is what a resume means for an IT professional. If your packaging is not good, how do you expect someone to pickup and try the fragrance that you have?


Even if you think you have the best resume among your friends, it may not be the best professional resume that these MNCs are looking for. It always pays to hire a professional do the work for you.

Shine Resume Services can help you package your resume in a better way – to land you a job interview with whomever you want. You can easily Get noticed by recruiters with a professional CV . Are you applying for your dream job? Applying to MNC? Get world class resume from Shine. Its worth spending a few bucks in the beginning to get your resume straightened up – because you know, you will get only one chance. Most of the MNCs won’t let you submit your resume again for atleast 180 days period.

Shine india also provides Personal counseling on your CV with Shine Resume . A resume will tell the prospective employer a lot about you – and that is when they decide whether to call you for an interview or now. A professional resume brings out what employer wants to see, helping you land that most wanted interview call.

If you want to reach thousands of consultants in flash of light, Click here to send your resume to 1000+ consultant and prepare your resume to Get interview calls with Shine Resume Services.

Happy Job Searching!

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