When attempting to enter project related Internet Expense reports,  the following error occurs.

‘The expenditure organization is not active’


The Organization assigned to the Employee was not set up with a classification of  Project Expenditure/Event Organization.

“At the bottom of the Organization window is a section called Organization Classifications. In order to charge expense reports to the organization it must have a classification of Project Expenditure/Event Organization”

— To implement the solution, please execute the following steps::

1. Go into the appropriate Oracle Human Resources responsibility:

2. Navigate to Work Structures -> Organization -> Description

3. Query up the Organization which is tied to the assignment for the employee encountering
the error.

4. Set the organization up with a classification of Project Expenditure/Event Organization.

5. Save the changes

6. Bounce Apache

5 thoughts

    1. I have the same issue “PA_EXP_ORG_NOT_ACTIVE” when interfacing (program Name PRC: Interface Supplier Costs) “Oracle Purchasing Receipt Accruals” from PO.

      Appreciate your help. Thanks


  1. Hi mohan,
    I already have the setup done in my instance but user says he is still facing the issue. Any more suggestions from your end.



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