The purpose of this button is only to provide the user a way to personalize (only show / hide) the list of responsibilities in the Navigator on his Homepage.

This button can be hidden using the following Personalization:

1. Enable Personalization by setting the System Profile option ‘Personalize Self Service Defn’ to ‘Yes’ at the required level
2. Navigate to the Homepage and click on the ‘Personalize Page’ link in the top right corner
3. Under ‘Personalization Structure’, click on the ‘Expand All’ link
4. Search for the item Name ‘Button: Edit Navigator’
5. Click on the ‘Personalize’ pencil icon against this item
6. In the resulting page, set the ‘Rendered’ property to ‘false’, at the required level
7. ‘Apply’ the changes and on the resulting page, ‘Return to Application’
8. The ‘Edit Navigator’ button is no longer visible

Please Note, this does not actually remove the button, but only hides it from the user and can be made visible by setting the ‘Rendered’ property to ‘true’, through Personalization if Personalization is enabled for the user.

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