Activate the personalize self-service definition system profile option and change the personalize region

The ‘Help’ button will appear in the personalize region screen

To show the help button in all iExpense screens

1) Define a Function say OIE_HELP


Maintenance Mode Support = None

Context Dependence = Responsibility

Form, Application, Parameters = blank

HTML call = <refer to step2 to build the url>

Secured = blank

Encrypt Parameter = blank

Host Name = blank

Agent = blank

Icon = email_greyscale.gif

Object, Region Application, Region Code = blank

2) The Url of the Function MUST be of format “;

Note: The Url MUST start with “Http://”, otherwise it is taken

as a relative url

To Define an absolute url, the url MUST start with Http://”

3) Attach the Function with any Menu Component
To add a global button attach it to the menu : OIE_EXPENSES_GLOBAL

4) Bounce Apache

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