Reason could be : No Goods Tolerance has been setup in the supplier site.

When a PO is created for 3 or 4 way match there are no holds placed on the invoice when the items have not been received.

— Steps To Reproduce:
1) Create PO 3 or 4 way match
2) Quick match PO to invoice
3) Validate the PO
4) No holds are placed on the Invoice
5) Expected hold is ‘QTY REC’, “Quantity billed exceeds quantity received”

Invoices are being paid when items have not been received.

Follow the steps below.

1) Setup a Goods Tolerance: 
    a) Accounts Payable – Setup > Invoices > Tolerances

2) To default the Goods Tolerance to suppliers:
    a) Accounts Payable – Setup > Options > Payables – Supplier tab
    b) Select the Goods Tolerance from step 1 
    c) This will now default to new suppliers created

3) For existing suppliers:
    a) Accounts Payable – Supplier > Query
    b) Go to the Supplier Site
    c) Go to the Controls tab
    b) Select the Goods Tolerance setup in step 1

To determine which supplier sites do not have a Goods Tolerance run the following select:
select vendor_name, vendor_site_code, s.creation_date date_site_created, s.created_by site_created_by, tolerance_id, vendor_type_lookup_code
from po_vendor_sites_all s, po_vendors v
where v.vendor_id = s.vendor_id
and tolerance_id is null
and nvl(inactive_date,sysdate + 1) > sysdate
and nvl(end_date_active,sysdate + 1) > sysdate
and pay_site_flag = ‘Y’
and purchasing_site_flag = ‘Y’
order by 1;

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