1. Please set the following profile options for the user who performs the Home Page personalization:

Personalize Self Service Definition – Yes
FND: Personalization Region Link – Yes

2.Login to Applications Home Page and select the ‘Personalize Page’ link.

3. Click on the Choose Context button (at the top).  Before step 4 is
mandatory to click Complete View.

4. In the ‘Choose Personalization Context’ page, select the “Apply” button.

5. In the search option look for the “Row Layout” value in the list of values
(sytle field) and click on GO button.

6. In the next page, you will find a column called name. In this column look
for the value:

“Row Layout: Home Content Row”. It should be the last value in that column.

7. Click on the personalize icon for that value (“Row Layout: Home Content Row”).

8. In the next page, the first column has the “Rendered”.

9. Change the list of values from False to true at the site level .

10. Click on apply.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    I have a requirement.
    Consider i have 2 responsbilities like ‘PO Manager’ and ‘HR Manager’.Now my requirement is,whenever the user enters with ‘PO Manager’ responsbility, he has to see only the Notifications which were realted to PO only not from HR.Same thing has to be happen for the ‘HR Manager’ responbility.
    Means, respective notifications has to be shown in the worklist based on the reponsbility.
    How to acheive it.Kindly provide me the solution.


  2. How do I set it up for only certain people with specific responsibility?. I have tried to setup rendered field at responsibility level, but it does not. It works only at site level.


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