Navigate: Expense Analysis and Reporting -> Management Reporting
The Period Type list of values only contains Month. How can the period type of Year be added?

Navigate: Setup -> Accounting -> Calendar -> Periods
1. Add a new record with a Type of Year.
2. Save
3. Bounce Apache

Below is the sql which determines the poplist values for Period Type. In the first script, enter the organization id assigned to the Expense Analysis and Reporting responsibility.

exec dbms_application_info.set_client_info(&org_id);

SELECT distinct glpt.period_type AS lookup_code, glpt.user_period_type AS displayed_field
FROM gl_sets_of_books SOB, ap_system_parameters SP, gl_periods glp, gl_period_types glpt
WHERE SOB.set_of_books_id = SP.set_of_books_id
AND GLP.period_set_name = SOB.period_set_name
AND GLPT.period_type = GLP.period_type;

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