Why is assigned responsibility not appearing in the navigator page during login?

User data in the FND_USER, FND_RESPONSIBILITY, WF_LOCAL_USER_ROLES, and WF_USER_ROLE_ASSIGNMENTS tables is not valid.  To synchronize data follow the steps below:

1.  Navigate to the define user form (FNDSCAUS).
2.  Query up the user (that is having the issue) and insure the responsibility is NOT end dated.
3.  END DATE the USER (not the responsibility) and save the record.
4.  UNEND DATE the USER and save the record.
5.  Run the request ‘Sync responsibility role data into the WF table’.
6.  Run the request “Synchronize WF LOCAL tables”.
7.  Run the request “Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation” (with parameters 10000, yes, yes, yes).
8.  Have the user log off and back on and verify that the responsibility appears.


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