Example: To view invoices in a desired order in Payables Invoice entry form, Sorted by Invoice date and number, in descending order ..thus altering the default layout.


Navigate to the standard form.

If it has Folder icon displayed, then folder functionality exists, to create additional folders. Retain the original folder definition as default

and add one or more folders in LOV.

All folder commands are listed under (M)Folder.

The bottom button of Folder Tools opens the folder palette. Alternately, you can open the Folder Palette by clicking on [Folder Tool] to get a graphical icons to work with.


For our example:



1.Click on (M)Folder to get pull-down menu list

a) select New.

b) Enter a new folder name (ex. Invalidate)

c) AutoQuery: select-> Never (can select other options)

d) [ ] Open as default (blank)

e) [x] Public (as required)

Click OK.

The new folder name will display next to the folder icon. Only the name and some characteristics are setup so far, and not the layout yet.


2. If you need to add or hide column(s), then click on (M) Folder, select Show field, or Hide.


3. Since we need to order the display in descending order, and per folder functionality constraint of only first 3 columns that can be ordered, shift Invoice Date and Invoice Number to the left, using (M)Folder menu move-left. (Click in the field first and then select from (M)Folder list) Every click will move it one position. Repeat until the column is positioned.


4. Incidentally, per Invoice bench form functionality, any clicking in Invoice Number field will popup a default input selection. You can ignore it or accept it, and it doesn’t interfere with the form layout. (but this selection enters data into the form, causing an alert indicated below)


5. At this stage we have the desired layout in modified form.


6. Now to order the sequence of display, click on (M)Folder to get the menu list, and select Show Order By. You will see 3 icons under first 3 columns with vertical bars. Click on each and its display will toggle between- Ascending, No order and Descending. Select to retain the one desired, for each column display.


7. Click on (M)Folder menu- Save. You should see a confirming message on tool bar. (Or, you may see an Alert: “Pending data will be saved..” click on OK to proceed, where message on tool bar may appear like- “Frm- Field must be entered”. You need to clear the data

which got partially populated. Use Pencil depicting icon on the menu-bar, and try to save again.) Please do confirm a saved message indicator on the menu bar.


Now if you run a blind query, your display will obey the folder setup.


When you re-enter this form from main menu, the original default form will appear as usual, but by clicking on folder icon, you will get an LOV to choose the specific folder, as we had retained the original as default.


Note: (M) Folder menu list of Reset Query can be used to erase any query that locks in with save.

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