The following is a checklist and description of conditions that prevent an invoice from being selected for payment. You can use this bulletin to investigate why your invoice may not be getting paid.



o Is the invoice approved?

o Is there a hold on the invoice?

o Is the invoice due?

o Is the invoice currently selected in another payment batch?

o Does the payment method (i.e., check) match the payment method in the invoice?

o Does payment currency you requested match the invoice currency?

o Has the invoice already been paid?

o Is the invoice for #0? (not selected by Autoselect and Quickcheck)

o Does the invoice match criteria specified in the payment batch? (Paygroup, Minimum or Maximum amounts, Payment Priority …)



a. Invoice has not been approved.

o An invoice MUST be approved in order to be paid.

o Remember that an invoice must be re-approved if it has been modified. (This is important to remember if you rely on a daily autoapproval batch)


b. A hold is preventing payment of the invoice.

o There are the 3 types of holds that can prevent payment and where to check if there is a hold on your invoice.

o Invoice Hold

o Payment Schedule Hold

o Vendor Hold


c. Invoice has already been selected for payment in a payment batch.

o Payables prevents you from paying an invoice which has already been selected for payment.

o Query all payment batches that have a status of In Process.


d. Payment method for payment request does not match payment method for invoice.

o The value in the Payment Method field in the Invoice must match the Payment Method for the payment request.

o Check the Payment Method field for Autoselect Payments.

o Check the Payment Method for the chosen Payment Document for Manual or QuickCheck payments.

o Example: Payment Method for the invoice is EFT, but you are doing a payment request for Check


e. Payment request currency does not match the invoice currency.

o The Invoice currency and Payment Request currency must be the same (release 10.7 and 11).


f. Invoice has already been paid.

o You cannot fully pay an invoice twice.


g. Invoice is for $0 (AutoSelect and QuickCheck payment methods only)

o AutoSelect and QuickCheck will not select $0 invoices.

o You can record a $0 invoice as paid with a payment batch or manual payment


h. Invoice does not match payment criteria (AutoSelect only)

o The invoice must match the criteria you select when you run AutoSelect. If used, the following criteria may prevent your invoice from being selected.

o Minimum and Maximum payment amounts.

o Is your invoice above the minimum and below the maximum amounts?

o PayGroup.

o Is your invoice in the PayGroup selected?

o Pay Through Date.

o Is the date used greater than or equal to the Due Date for the invoice? (Check the Invoice Payment Schedule)

o Priority Range.

o Did you specify a range other than the default 1 – 99? If so, is your invoice’s payment priority in the range?

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