To illustrate or clarify your application data, you can link non-structured data such as images, word processing ocuments, spreadsheets, web pages, or video to more structured application data. For example, you could attach images to inventory items or video to manufacturing operations.


Invoke the Attachment form to view an attachment by pressing the Attachment toolbar button.


The toolbar Attachment icon indicates whether the Attachments feature is enabled in a form block. When the button is dimmed, the Attachment feature is not available. When the Attachment feature is enabled in a form block, the icon becomes a solid paper clip. The icon switches to a paper clip holding a paper when the Attachment feature is enabled in a form lock and the current record has at least one attachment. There is also a profile option, Indicate Attachments, that allows you to turn off indication of attachments when querying records for performance reasons.


Note: The current version of the Attachments feature supports attachments to a restricted set of applications data. Check your product-specific documentation to determine if the Attachments feature is enabled for your Oracle Applications product, and if so, for what dataUse the Attachments window to view or delete existing attachments, and create new attachments. You must provide the following information when you create an attachment:




The category controls which forms can access the document. Each form that enables Attachments must list which document

categories it can access. A “Miscellaneous” category will be assigned to each form registered for Attachments to facilitate “cross-form” visibility of Attachments.




An attached document can be:

Short Text

Text stored in the database containing less than 2000 characters.

Long Text

Text stored in the database containing 2000 characters or more.


An image that Oracle Forms can display, including: bmp, cals, jfif, jpeg, gif,

pcd, pcx, pict, ras, and tif.

OLE Object

An OLE Object that requires other OLE server applications to view, such as

Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Web Page

A URL reference to a web page which you can view with your web browser.



May be Changed

The May be Changed checkbox indicates if you are able to edit the attachment.



Specify where images are to be stored:



Storing images in the database provides centrally-accessible images without special file system setup. However, database storage of images will increase the amount of database space required for applications.

File or URL

File system storage of images requires a shared file system that is accessible to all users and looks the same to all users. For example, you should not store an image on your local PC’ s C drive as another PC accessing the system will

not see your PC’s C drive as its C drive.



Document Block


The document block is the section of the window below the multi-line attachment block. The document block displays the current document in the attachments block.


To improve performance while scrolling through lists of attachments, uncheck the coordination checkbox. The document block will not update until you turn coordination on again.


Attention: If you maximize the document block window, no other operations can be performed until you restore the block to its original state.


If the attachment is an image datatype, you can use the Magnification poplist to choose from a list of percentages to enlarge or shrink the image, or enter your own percentage sizing. Adjust to Fit will adjust the image to fit within the form. Move your cursor into another field to see your image in the new scale.


Adding an Attachment


You can attach a document to any record for which attachments are enabled, such as a supplier definition or an Order Line.


To attach a document to an Oracle Applications record:

1. In an application window, query or enter a data record.

2. Choose the Attachment toolbar icon. The Attachments window opens.

3. Enter a category and description.


To attach an image, supply an image format (e.g. TIFF) and a file name, then select Database storage if you want to copy it to the database. Otherwise, that image will be loaded from the file system whenever you view it. If the document you want to attach already exists within Oracle Applications, choose the Document Catalog… button. When the Document Catalog window opens, query an existing document, check one or more documents, then choose Attach (1).

4. Save your work.


To view an attached document:

1. Query a record.

2. Press the Attachment toolbar icon.

3. Move your cursor to the document you want to view. The Attachments appear in the document block.


To see an OLE document, double-click on the OLE object in the document block or move the mouse into the document block then right-click to get the OLE menu; choose Document Object->Open.


Copying an Attachment from Another Record

Oracle Applications keeps a catalog of documents that have been attached to applications data records so far; therefore, you can take advantage of this catalog if you want to attach an existing document to another data record.


To copy an attachment from another record

1. In an application window, query the record that you want to attach a document to. (Don’t query the record that already

has the attachment.)

2. Choose the Attachments toolbar icon.

3. Choose Document Catalog.

4. Enter query criteria in the Attached To: field for the application object

you want to copy attachments from.

5. Choose Find.

6. Check one or more documents.

7. Choose Attach (1).

8. Save your work..


24 thoughts

  1. in Oracle R12 we are unable to add additional attachments to a posted journal entry and am told this is way R12 works. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for saving additional journal entry support that may have been missed prior to the approval and posting of a journal entry.


    1. I have a similar business need of uploading some additional attachments to existing Posted JE. Please share any solution leads that you may have


  2. Hi All,

    Do anyone know how to insert attachment file from external system into oracle purchase requisition. Let say, I want to attach 1 file from external system into oracle purchase requisition line.

    It’s do able?


  3. when i try to delete an attachment, it asks me to choose if i want to delete the “attachment only”, on “Document and attachment”.
    what is the difference?


  4. Hi,
    I working on attachment conversion, but when I press on document catlog button on attachment screen and then on Find Button on catlog screen , In documents section I am getting duplicate records I wan to delete these duplicate records in didocument catlog.please help.
    You help is appriciated.


  5. How can we convert Legacy data (more than 4000 characters) into AR Invoice Attachment window and link it to the invoice? Or Is there a way of importing into AR Invoice Attachment with ‘Long text’ category?


  6. We attach CAD drawings as attachments to our PO’s.

    Is there any way we can attach those CAD drawings when we email our


  7. Any idea why when a user enters the type of file, instead of getting the IE Explorer screen to browse for the file they would have to login again?


  8. Hi Wenhu

    I’ve been told that to do this in 11.5.10 requires a customisation, rather irritatingly it isn’t standard functionality.

    The consultants we were using for implementation (PDG) have already developed this customisation.


  9. Hello,

    Do you know whether the PO attachments can be emailed out along with the PO pdf document to the supplier in the standard Oracle Purchasing workflow process? Currently the PO in our Oracle goes across to the supplier and says there is an attachment, but there is nothing there. Just wondering whether there is any setup needed for this.

    Thanks in advance.



  10. Hi,

    I have enabled attachments in my form.

    But the issue is , I am able to view the file I have attached for one record when I scroll through the next record.

    I want to restrict it such that, the attached file should not show up when I try to attach file for another record.



  11. Hello,

    I have gone the article related to attachments and the short text column allows attachment upto 4000 and if it is more than 4000 then it will be a long text. Long text is a long data type column..

    Please consider this


  12. Hi Nick,

    The best approach for migrating attachments from instance to other istance is to use the command FNDGFU .. you can find more information in google.



  13. Is it possible to set up oracle so that, for certain item categories, a text attachment can be automatically printed onto the purchase order?




  14. We are going through a data migration exercise and I was wondering what is the best way of migrating attachments from one Oracle instance to another Oracle instance.


    Nic k


  15. I’d like to measure the proportion/size of attached documents belonging to each application module (in R11.5). Can you point me to a good SQL query? My research is made more difficult as I don’t have direct access even to a test database – I have to requisition a DBA to do the query…

    I know to start at FND_LOBS and I suspect that a view like FND_DOCUMENTS_VL might help – unfortunately I don’t have its definition.

    All suggestions gratefully received!

    Regards Nigel


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