The goal of this Document is to find a medium between End Users and proper Server administration. In many cases the Users do not want to ever see a Timeout, but the User do not understand why Timeouts are needed. From a System Administrator point they are required to maintain System Resources and System Stability.


Please understand that the ICX Profiles handle the Forms Session. This can be confusing since ICX in the past is known to be associated with Self Service. This is no longer the case since the release of Framework for the ICX Profiles that control the Timeout Functionality.

ICX: Session Timeout controls the time of inactivity of the session. If set to 30 minutes, then after no activity for 30 minutes you will get the popup window. This is for the Forms Session.

ICX:Limit Time controls the total time a session can be logged in. If set to 8 hours, then after 8 hours you will get the popup window regardless of what activity is being done. This is for the Forms Session.

ICX:Limit connect is a profile option determines the max number of connection requests a user can make in a single session. If a user sends more requests than the value specified by this profile option in a single session, then the session will expire. This needs to be bumped up to 2000 +, because each time Session Time is checked it adds another ICX connection. This IS NOT DETERMEND BY THE NUMBER OF USER CONNECTIONS. The more ICX checks its self the more ICX connections you are going to see for a user.

The following are the best practice setup
1. Profile Options:
ICX: Session Timeout = 30
ICX:Limit Time = 12
ICX:Limit connect = 2000

These Profiles control the Forms Session. If a Timeout is caused by a ICX Profile you will be prompted to log back in. Please understand the higher you set the Profile ICX Session Timeout, the more of a performance hit your server will take. If set to high, the Server can randomly crash. It is recommended to
set this profile no higher then One Hour (60). If the Profile is set to One Hour (60 minutes), the Users should never encounter a Timeout unless the PC has been left unattended for a hour. Also by setting this to One Hour, this will allow the Resources being held by that Inactive session to be timed out, so that Active Users can have access to the resources.

thanks – Shivmohan

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  1. This was interesting but I can not find out what you do to stopt the time out in iexpenses. The note on metalink is 139863.1 and annoyingly says dont use for 11.5.10 but does not suggest anything else. Our iexpenses times out at 10 minutes and I want to increase it but need to understand the consequences……….


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