Oracle Property Manager – An Overview

The management of a property portfolio from a corporate or commercial perspective is a responsible and often time consuming task. With the high value and volume of transactions often involved, it is critical that this area of a business is managed in an efficient way using tight controls.

Oracle´s Property Manager module provides organisations with the tools to improve the management processes of both their internal or external property portfolios. From a corporate management perspective, Oracle Property Manager provides tools to map and visualise internal floor space, allowing organisations to manage occupancy and determine under-utilised floor space. Further functionality ensures that occupants can be charged based on occupancy, whether this is to internal or third party occupants.

From a commercial perspective, Oracle Property Manager provides functionality to maintain and track property leases. Full integration with Oracle´s Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules ensures that payments to landlords or bills to tenants can be generated in a timely and efficient manner and that any rental increases can be handled automatically.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi friend Can some one provide the transaction flow with screen on Property Manager,with an example of owned Building….

    Pradyumna Dash


  2. Thats a gud article ……

    Can u please elaborate the difference and how to Handle Customers and Employees in the same Operating Unit.

    The way we have lanlords and tenants (customers and Employees)


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