Q11) How do you implement the If statement in the select statement?
A11) We can implement the if statement in the select statement by using the decode statement.
e.g. select DECODE(EMP_CAT,’1′,’First’,’2′,’Second’,Null);
Here the Null is the else statement where null is done.
Q12) How many types of exceptions are there?

A12) a) System exceptions

e.g. When no_data_found, when too_many_rows

b) User Defined Exception

e.g. When my_exception then


Q13) What are the inline and the precompiler directives ?

A13) The inline and precompiler directives detect the values directly.


Q14) How do you use the same lov for 2 columns ?

A14) We can use the same lov for 2 columns by passing the return values in global values and using the global values in the code.


Q15) How many minimum groups are required for a matrix report ?

A15) The minimum number of groups in matrix report are 4.


Q16) What is the difference between the static and dynamic lov?

A16) The static lov contains the predetermined values while the dynamic lov contains values that come at run time.


Q17) What are snap shots and views ?

A17) Snapshots are mirror or replicas of tables. Views are build using the columns from one or more tables. The single table view can be updated but the view with multi table can not be updated.







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