As an Individual, I can see you can join and participate in following 5 levels with KnowOracle and you can start with level 1 and based on your interest you can explore more, here are some detail as follows

1. Email Subscription – This is helpful to get all lastest articles/ post in email and also stay in touch with new notificaiton for upcoming FREE trainings and advisory sessions. 

 ko email

2. Reviewer / Supporter – If you are using articles / posts for your purpose, plz share your thoughts / opinion through feedback/ comments. this will help us to improve and understand what to do to bring more quality articles. Also if you think that KnowOracle is useful for other, do share links / articles with your friends/ collegues/ seniors/ juniors. You will be part of our reviewer/ support group.

If you have 7 or more people for any kind of training need or advisory help, we would arrange an exculsive FREE training / session for the group. this way we like to show gratitude for your effort as supporter for KnowOracle. Also special invitations for upcoming exclusive briefing on specific topics ( by invitations only )

3. Author – If you have article / articles / white papaer/ tutorials / how to / tips / faq / demos / scripts etc , any kind of study material which you like to contribute and share , do send us, we will review it and will format and publish it. As a author you will be owner of that and will get full credit and copyright. We will be just publishing and sharing along with your name.

4. Contributor – If you have more articles or you like to join as contributor , then first you need to be author to join and if you contributing more than 10 documents , subsequently we will involve you as contributor, where you yourself can write , format and design your posts / articles and publish on KnowOracle.

5. Expert – If you have expertise/ mastery on any particular topic/ tool/ module and you are interested to write or give session/ training, do let us know, we will arrange logistics and audience to showcase your skills. We wont charge to you or anyone. All activities on KnowOracle is FREE. Ofcourse you will have complete rights on your contents ( audio, video, demos ) — to know about Current Experts — Clike here

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