Discoverer 10g : here a bit of technical work, though i havn’t tried it actually, but got it from one of good expert of Discoverer , that’s why i sharing it.

How To Change The Session Timeout For Discoverer 10g(10.1.2)?

Steps to change the Discoverer Session timeout:

1. Edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/util/pref.txt. 
2. Under the heading [Session Manager] there is a parameter called timeout. 
Timeout = 1800 (Number of Seconds before timeout) 
3. Save the pref.txt file. 
4. Run the applypreferences script. 

When changing the timeout value to be higher than 30 minutes you will need to change the Discoverer servlet timeout as well. The servlet timeout must always be higher or equal to the Discoverer session timeout.Steps to change the Discoverer Servlet timeout:


1. Edit the following file: 
2. Add the following entry to the file: 
<!– Session timeout in minutes –> 
<session-timeout>60 </session-config>  The file should look something like: 
</web-app>  3. Save the web.xml file. 
4. Run command ‘dcmctl updateConfig -ct oc4j -v’ to update the configuration. 
5. Restart OC4J with command ‘dcmctl restart -ct oc4j – v'.


3 thoughts

  1. In discoverer plus am getting the below message after sometime keeping the discoverer in idle.
    “Discoverer plus has exited due to inactivity”
    I want to increase this session time out

    Could you please clear the below doubts..
    Am new to Discoverer plus dont mind if my question is simple one..

    1) where exactly we find that path in Client system(local system) or database( unix server)?
    2) If it is local system, I have multiple ORACLE_HOMEs, How to recognise the one, which is related to discover.
    In any ORACLE_HOME I didnt find the pref.txt in local system.
    3) in unix ORACLE_HOME is environment variable right ?
    but i dint find discoverer and j2ee folders in $ORALCE_HOME.

    Could you please clear my doubts.

    where We need to change all modifications? server side or client (local system) ? which we need to change at server side and which are at Client side.

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


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