Oracle Account Payables:

The New Supplier Open Interface Feature is Now Available in Financials Family Pack F for 11i  

Payable has added new open interface tables and concurrent programs to support the automated import of supplier records from external sources. This feature offers the same validations as the Suppliers and Suppliers Sites window.  This feature is available as of 11.5.10 or 11i Financials Family Pack F and will not be back ported to any prior release. The Supplier Open Interface Request Set submits:

Supplier Open Interface Import
Supplier Site Open Interface Import
Supplier Site Contacts Open Interface Import

More details about the Supplier Open Interface can be found on page G-5 and G-6 of the latest Oracle Payables User’s Guide. If you like to furthur on this in any way either functinally or technically, plz let me know i will dig into it.

Below is just a Payables functionality in a diagram.

thanks – Shivmohan

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